Somer (somer) wrote,

I Don't Know Why This Cock Is Blue (NSFW)

THIS IS SERIOUSLY NSFW! We're talking furry here. A really good friend alycat showed this to me and this friend alycat allowed me to share this.

Just imagine. Jensen in a blue shirt and glasses on his blushing face, naked from the waist down. Jared completely naked, maybe a necklace around his neck. Then porn the beach, in a hammock. AND NOW THINK FURRY!

[You SURE you wanna open this?]furry.png

Now this friend alycat was kinda upset, because no one was writing her furry porn. So I'm just gonna leave this here as a prompt :) FOR THIS FRIEND alycat. Mwahaha. OKAY, AND MAYBE FOR MYSELF, BECAUSE I WOULD READ THE FUCK OUT OF THIS!!!!!
Tags: shenanigans
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