Somer (somer) wrote,

Somer's Recs - Dark and Filthy #4

Between sleepypercy using the bat-ball-signal to summon me and saltandburnboys sending me NC-17 ball pics, I'm here today to BRING YOU TWO RECS!

Two recs that are so damn filthy!

First one. She is a pretty kinky writer, thank god I'm a pretty kinky reader!!! She asked for prompts, I gave her one. SHE MADE IT PERFECT! Baaaaaaall play, is all I'm saying!

Title: Our Little Games
Author: wickedthoughts1
Warnings/Enticements: roleplay, rape-fantasy, castration-fantasy, ballplay, cbt

Second one! And that shouldn't surprise anyone, because she ALWAYS knocks it out of the park. Intense, fucking hot and SO DAMN CUTE :D Can I say cute? BUT JENSEN WAS BLUSHING SO MUCH!

Title: Discipline In The Workplace
Author: whiskygalore
Summary: It's Jensen's first shift working at Wild Nights Erotic Emporium, an upscale adult toy-store. Nervous and keen to impress his - ridiculously attractive - boss, Mr. Padalecki, he jumps at the chance to help with a demonstration for a customer. Maybe he should have asked what exactly he'd be helping demonstrate.
Warnings/Enticements: SPAAAAANKING, dubcon, public and a pretty overwhelmed Jensen

And on another note! LASKFJGHAJFGH!!! Guuuuuuys, what's up! So many awesome fics get posted at the moment. Still need to read etoile_etiolee's newest fic, I saw some good things on hoodie_time. I still need to have a peek at meus_venator's newly posted fic. Then I got recs left and right. WHICH MAKES ME RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY!!!! BRING IT ON!! :D

That's it. Love you all. Keep on reading. KEEP ON COMMENTING! Thank you <3
Tags: dark and filthy is my drug, somer's recs
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