Somer (somer) wrote,

News on the Story Front

I got lucky again!!

A few weeks back saltandburnboys filled one of my prompts from the kinkmeme. The prompt was way back from April 2011 and I had to read that prompt twice before I may have squeed rather loudly and proclaimed Holy shit, that's mine. THAT'S MY PROMPT!!! Needless to say that she knocked it out of the park.

Go and read A Little Of What You Fancy Does You Good if you haven't done it already!! Come on, Jared finding a sleeping Jensen wearing panties in their bed and has his wicked way with him! Do I need to say more?


And then meus_venator wrote a story with the pairing JDM/Idris Elba which you can find HERE (read it, it's good, I'm not kidding here) and I may have asked her if Jensen hid under their bed the whole time while these two sexy men did porny things together. After that she wrote me my own Jared/Jensen version of that story:

Yours, Mine


And earlier this year someone filled a prompt called A Close Call and now zubeneschamali claimed this fill and reposted it HERE. BAMF!boys and nekkid!Jensen.


And because I'm already here, I just finished the BigBang story Dust & Shadow! And holy shit!! Horrifying and heartbreaking and so fucking good (warning: major character death!!).
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