Somer (somer) wrote,

Somer's Recs - Dark and Filthy #5

Well, mostly filthy today :)

Fucking-Machine Recs

Title: Freaking Cops, Man
Author: durtydeefla82
Wordcount: 2.200 words
Summary: Jared gets pulled over and Jensen's trapped in a fucking machine for longer than they both had intended.
other warnings: bondage, multiple-orgasms, overstimulation

Title: Fucked Over
Author: dephigravity
Wordcount: 1.600 words
Summary: While Jensen is waiting for Danneel at a club, he makes the mistake of accepting drinks from a certain dark-haired man. He awakens in a compromising position and has no choice but to succumb to the whims of his captor.
other warnings: bondage, multiple-orgasms, overstimulation, gag, coming-dry, [spoiler]roleplay, everything is consensual

Title: Plastic
Author: anonym
Wordcount: 4.700 words
Summary: It suddenly occurred to Sam, once he had Dean back in the safety of the hotel room, that this was fucking hilarious. His brother was a fucking sex doll!
other warnings: bondage, objectification, vibrator, toys, spanking, fisting, e-stim

Title: Relentless
Author: saucynewf
Wordcount: 2.300 words
Summary: Dean has been really annoying all day, so Sam ties him to the bed and uses a fucking machine on him to teach him a lesson.
other warnings: dubcon, bondage, multiple-orgasms, overstimulation,

Title: Not Quite Right
Author: keep_waking_up
Wordcount: 4.900 words
Summary: Jensen likes to play with a flesh made dildo replica of his ex Jared's cock, that was given to him as a gag gift while they were dating.
other warnings: mild dubcon, overstimulation

Title: Willing Verse
Author: daevanna
Wordcount: 7.700 words
Summary: Jared's a bad boy, been in and out of foster homes as a child and in and out of jail since he was 18. He steals a car and ends up out in the middle of nowhere when it breaks down. He leaves it and starts walking. He finds a quiet little cottage with Jensen inside.
other warnings: dubcon, rough-sex, toys, spanking, object-insertion, multiple-orgasms, bondage

Title: Wedding Night
Author: tearsoffand
Wordcount: 3.100 words
Summary: Jensen is forced into an arranged marriage with Mark Pellegrino on the day of his very first heat by his rich parents, who see the union as a way to better their business and social standing. To make things worse, Mr. Pellegrino isn't interested in kids for the foreseeable future, so after the ceremony he shows Jensen the machine he bought that will keep him satisfied while Mark goes on a business trip...
Jared is a thief for hire who breaks into Mark's house on the very same night. His client had assured him there would be no one home...
other warnings: a/b/o, underage, dubcon, bondage, heat, knotting, edging

Title: Sugar Sweet
Author: elenajames
Wordcount: 900 words
Summary: Sam gets creative.
other warnings: d/s, orgasm denial, overstimulation, bondage, food kink, gag
Tags: dark and filthy is my drug, somer's recs
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