Somer (somer) wrote,

We Must Be Insane

I know a few are still working the #30DayChallenge. I just checked in with sillie82 and souslelys. Still waiting on herminekurotowa to get back to me. And sinfulslasher and trendykitty? WHERE ARE YOU AT? Gonna cheer you on to the bitter end. Promise!

But beelikej and I, we're already gonna start the next challenge. quickreaver and whiskygalore are already in. beelikej came up with this particular challenge and I think it's pretty awesome. I like the trainer and the good thing is that she keeps on explaining things and you have two choices (beginner and advanced). This vid is Level 1. It's around 20 minutes and you're doing it everyday. There are two more Levels. You can choose yourself if you wanna step up at one point or keep with Level 1. As long as you do the 30 days.

You can find the vid HERE or you can download it HERE!

Now I'm looking especially at xenodike and hunenka, since you two were pulling through the first challenge we did this year. You're totally going to join us with this one, right? :D


Oh, and this is all beelikej's fault. Just wanted to make this clear, mwahahahaha! *runs for cover*
Tags: 30 day challenge
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