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A Letter From Fred

My sister told me on the phone today that I should look up a link on youtube she discovered called something with 'Sweet Lorraine'. She said it were soooooooo cute and had over 3.5 million clicks already. Pfhht, yes I found it and I watched it and I cried my fucking eyes out (and it's that time of the month again and I hate my fucking hormones AND YES TMI, I KNOW!! and I shouldn't have watched it knowing that a freaking falling leaf could make me bawl like a baby today).

Anyway, it still is the sweetest thing.

And now, can someone please rec me some dirty porn, I want dirty porn. It probably makes me cry today, too, but at least it has porn and yes that schmoopy prompt on the kinkmeme today with shy, homeless Jensen pining over barista!Jared? You can totally blame me for that. DIRTY. PORN. Right now!
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