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Somer's Recs - Reverse BigBang

I've saw and read some amazing RBBs so far. Still not enough time to have read/looked at them all sadly. Here are a few recs :)

Artist: lightthesparks + Art Post
Author: sw0rdy
Title: Somewhere Along In The Bitterness
Wordcount: 9.200 words
Summary: Snowed in at one of Bobby’s old bolt holes while Dean recovers from a ruptured appendix, a hunt finds them, because ‘The Life’ has terrible timing. The answer to saving Dean may involve a conversation that they didn't even realise they needed to have...

[Even more perfection under the cut...]Artist: dulcetine + Art Post
Author: akintay
Title: A Long Way Home
Wordcount: 21.400 words
Summary: When his father dies, Jensen's brother is crowned the new king of the Ackles Kingdom. Jensen, as the younger sibling, has to leave the kingdom, following an old rule of their people. He doesn't know where to do, or what to with his life, until his childhood friend Jared offers him a place with the forest folk as his husband. What is initially a marriage of convenience between two friends slowly turns into something more.

Artist: dulcetine + Art Post
Author: sweetspicyhot
Title: Abstinence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Wordcount: 14.500 words
Summary: After slutting around his first three years of college at UT Austin, Jensen has an epiphany at his parents’ thirtieth anniversary and vow renewal during the summer break. He decides to stop having sex altogether until he finds the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with. When he gets back to campus, Jensen forms In No Rush, a LGBT abstinence discussion group.
Jared is gay freshmen who desperately wants to get laid. He quickly falls in lust with Jensen and tries to persuade him to have sex with him. He’s heard about the old Jensen and pretends to be more experienced to get into Jensen’s pants. As his attempts to bed Jensen get more and more outlandish, Jared falls in love with Jensen, something he wasn’t expecting.

Artist: pennydrdful + Art Post
Author: hybridshade
Title: Better To Be Chained To Your Side
Wordcount: 6.000 words
Summary: Jensen never wanted to be king, never wanted the unattainable expectations placed upon him. And when a mysterious stranger steals him away in the night, he wonders if all his prayers have been answered.

Artist: sillie82 + Art Post
Author: selecasharp
Title: The Darkness Within
Wordcount: 19.200 words
Summary: Ever since he lost the Mark of Cain, Dean's been haunted by ever-worsening nightmares. He insists it's nothing, but when injuries he sustains while asleep appear on him for real, Sam goes to great lengths to figure out what's happening — and to make Dean let him in.

Artist: dizzojay + Art Post
Author: zara_zee
Title: Shadows And Dust
Wordcount: 24.000 words
Summary: When Dean disappears after a hunt in Montana, Sam will stop at nothing to find him. As he tears up the Mid-west looking for answers, Sam learns that it’s not only hunters who are disappearing; monsters are being kidnapped too.
Meanwhile, Dean awakes to find himself locked in a cell. Being held captive sucks, but he knows his brother will come for him soon. Until that happens, all he has to do is kill monsters in an arena. In front of an audience. Wearing sandals and a leather skirt.
It’s not as much fun as it sounds.

Artist: amberdreams + Art Post
Author: morrezela
Title: Remember The Night
Wordcount: 3.700 words
Summary: Jensen wakes up by a river with no memory of who he is. He goes to the office of a private investigator to search for some answers.

Artist: bitchjerks/Maria + Art Post
Author: mznaughty01
Title: The Law Of Retaliation
Wordcount: 24.400 words
Summary: Infiltrate Defenestrates, Chicago's most notorious criminal organization. Gain the trust of the right people, become invaluable, move up. Then destroy the group from the inside out by chopping off the head.
This was Jensen's mission, one that he wouldn't fail. Jared Padalecki had executed Jensen's father and only Jared suffering a similar fate, at Jensen's hands no less, would suffice as payment for the sin.
The Law of Retaliation, after all, demanded a fracture for a fracture, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth... a life for a life.

Leave. Some. Love :D
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