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Somer's Recs - Dark and Filthy #6

Okay, after the previous rec post I think it's time for some dirty hot stuff. READ THE WARNINGS!

Gangbang Recs

Title: The Pit
Author: sylsdarkplace
Wordcount: 5.800 words
Summary: Jensen becomes a prospect in a motorcycle gang. One of his duties is being the club whore.
Warnings: noncon/dubcon, humiliation, rough sex, shaving, objectification, mindfuck

[More filth under the cut...]Title: My First Gangbang: A Love Story
Author: melungeoned
Wordcount: 14.300 words
Summary: Jensen finds a guy who fulfills (most of) his sexual needs with no strings attached. Then, Jensen meets his friends.
Warnings: rough sex, dp

Title: Demolition Crew
Author: sylsdarkplace
Wordcount: 5.000 words
Summary: Jensen is the project engineer on a new elementary school. He finds that a sub-contractor on a job has cut corners. He insists that the work be done over. The workers aren’t happy about working on a holiday weekend and make Jensen pay for it.
Warnings: noncon, humiliation, rough sex, mindfuck

Title: Bite Me
Author: whiskygalore
Wordcount: 5.500 words
Summary: Dean gets captured by a pack of demons whilst working a case, where all signs point to the monster of the week devouring human flesh. The demons don't actually eat humans, but playing with Dean's fear is so much fun that they play along with the idea.
Warnings: noncon, humiliation, dp

Title: Party Trick
Author: bertee
Wordcount: 11.700 words
Summary: There's a blindfold hanging on the door when he arrives.
Warnings: consensual, humiliation, puppy play, exhibitionism, crossdressing, enema

Title: Take It All
Author: reapertownusa
Wordcount: 13.000 words
Summary: John pisses off the wrong group of hunters, who decide to take John down a few notches by forcing him to watch as they brutalize his son. The only thing worse than being helpless to stop the torture happening right in front of him is the weight of secrets John learns that his son has been carrying.
Warnings: noncon, rough sex, cbt, humiliation, whipping

Title: Ambush
Author: extra_cookie
Wordcount: 4.700 words
Summary: Network parties are boring, and Jared can be really mean.
Warnings: consensual, roleplay, rape-fantasy, dp

Title: Vidi, Vici, Veni
Author: bertee
Wordcount: 8.900 words
Summary: Jared is a famous, rough gladiator who's never been beaten. When Jensen arrives, scared, inexperienced, and now locked up with a bunch of sex-deprived gladiators, Jared has to decide how much protection he wants to offer.
Warnings: attempted noncon, dubcon, rough sex

Leave. Some. Filthy. Love :D
Tags: dark and filthy is my drug, somer's recs
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