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One long fic rec at the beginning, all others are filthy PWPs :)


Title: Feral Verse
Author: alycat
Wordcount: 33.200 words
Summary: It all starts out born from desperation, a way for Jensen to keep some parts of his old life intact, but it soon spirals out of control. With the werewolf community's eyes on him, the stakes are going up with each picture he posts and he soon gets addicted in more ways than one.
Warnings: dubcon, knotting, toys, public, bloodplay, voyeurism, exhibitionism

Title: Call My Baby Lollipop
Author: endearinglysad
Wordcount: 1.200 words
Summary: Jared interrupts Jensen's TV time. Jensen's...okay with that.
Warnings: none

Title: untitled
Author: bertee
Wordcount: 600 words
Summary: "I thought you liked it when I came on your face."
Warnings: none

Title: Down, Down, Down
Author: alwayseven
Wordcount: 900 words
Summary: It leaves a mess on Dean’s pink skin and Sam’s hot all over.
Warnings: d/s, public

Title: Paint Me A Picture
Author: tebtosca
Wordcount: 500 words
Summary: Jared comes on Jensen's face.
Warnings: none

Title: The Cure For All Of My Blues
Author: balefully
Wordcount: 2.600 words
Summary: Jared has an enormous cock. Like, really, really enormous. It causes him lots of problems until Jensen comes along to properly enjoy it.
Warnings: none

Title: Let's Not Be L7
Author: timehasa_way
Wordcount: 2.800 words
Summary: Jared really likes that slow pan up Dean's body in Phantom Traveler, and making a mess of Jensen.
Warnings: none

Title: Minnesota Nice
Author: chickenney
Wordcount: 2.000 words
Summary: Sam beckons Dean closer with a hand and Dean shuffles forward obediently, quick and submissive on dirty, aching knees on a dusty Minnesota highway.
Warnings: d/s, public

Title: untitled
Author: anon at spn_masquerade
Wordcount: 1.200 words
Summary: Every weekend, Jensen pays Jared to come all over his face.
Warnings: prostitution

Title: The Light, The Heat
Author: thestarkat
Wordcount: 4.200 words
Summary: Danneel thinks that together she and Jared can give Jensen what he needs.
Warnings: Jared/Jensen/Danneel, pegging

Title: There Is Nothing Like A New Tie
Author: j2_ficwhore
Wordcount: 2.000 words
Summary: Dean wears a new tie and Sam can’t stop fantasizing about how he wants to use it on him, sexually.
Warnings: bondage

Title: This Body Is Yours And Mine
Author: sleepypercy
Wordcount: 3.000 words
Summary: Sam's always wanted his brother in a way that punches deep in his gut. Makes him willing to risk going to hell for the thrill of his brother. When Dean stumbles home drunk and high, and passes out in his bed, Sam decides it's too good an opportunity to pass up.
Warnings: noncon/dubcon, underage, somnophilia, teabagging

Title: A Start
Author: ash_carpenter
Wordcount: 2.700 words
Summary: Sam thinks it's time to make a start on forgiving Dean - and the bunker's big ass table is the place to do it.
Warnings: none

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