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Asylum 16

OKAY, I HAVE NO RECOLLECTION OF THE PANELS AT ALL! SORRY! lol I know a few things about a lot of things and I'm just gonna dump a few here.

- saltandburnboys and whiskygalore. THAT'S ALL <3

- Friday was PURE CHAOS! I shouldn't have been surprised but I was. We were in our hotel rooms late and just fell into bed.

- Saturday we were up early to queue for a good seat in the hall and we were pretty lucky :) We started with Jared which was a clusterfuck.
Organizer RIGHT before the panel starts: DON'T DUMP YOUR PERSONAL STORIES ON THE ACTORS!!
Honestly, poor Jared! He of course was PERFECT and fabulous and SEXY as hell! <3

The rest of the day was hunting down all my autographs and I was quite successful (I was the only one in Mitch's line so he took some time, even wanted to sign in German *clutches heart*!!). Missed some panels but still got the important ones, at least for me - Mitch, Mark, Richard and Matt. So yeah :D
Went to the Jared and Jensen autos together with Salt and Whisky AND WE DIDN'T FAINT! But it was a close call! lololol
Ohhhhh, and I GOT to meet jj1564 which was such A PLEASURE!!!!!! :D <3

- Sunday we were up and about around 5am BECAUSE SEATS! lol And then saltandburnboys went and got us alksfjshgd like alkfsjgfdjs uhm, second row :D Badass woman that she is. I wanna hire her as my personal ninja or something like that!
I then kept my ass on my seat the whole day (yes, my ass was HURTING) and Salt and Whisky were doing their things in between (photo ops and a meet&greet WOOHOO!! Photos turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!!! don't believe it when Salt tells you otherwise!).

I LOVED the panels on Sunday much more!!
Adrianne's panel was a little awkward since she was on the show how long? And asking her questions about Charlie didn't go down so well. Adrianne tried but you could clearly see that she never heard of Charlie before. But she is BEAUTIFUL!
GIL IS ONE SEXY MOTHERFUCKER! My CRUSH went THROUGH the ROOF!!!! Holy damn, that man!!!
Loved the Panels of Tahmoh (another secret crush? yes, yes, yes) and Ty (I am NOT sure if he was on something lol He couldn't keep still for a second)!
RUTH PANEL!! MIGHT HAVE BEEN MY FAVORITE AFTER THE Js PANELS!! She. Is. GORGEOUS and funny and rocked the stage and the whole audience. Also? Everyone who asked a question got a bracelet and a hug! I think I laughed my way through her whole panel!
J2 panel started late and stopped early. BOOOOOOOO!!!
Jensen panel was kept short too. BOOOOOO!!!

In conclusion? The boys were pretty and attentive and did their best but were pretty tuckered out in the end (who can blame them).
The most important part for me was meeting saltandburnboys and whiskygalore and I knew everything would turn out beautifully after Salt showed me the middle fingers at one point. IT FELT LIKE SUCH A LOVE DECLARATION!

Oh, and I haven't even told her that but whiskygalore HAS THE BEST LAUGH EVER!! Seriously! I love her laugh so much!!

Yeah *waves hand* Probably missed a bunch and I think Salt will be able to tell you more about the actual panels but this is it from me.

Only things to follow are two/three photo posts through-out the day :) I tried my best, but I already saw far better photos :) <3
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