Somer (somer) wrote,

30 Day Challenge

LISTEN UP! Did that sound like a threat? Probably.

Guys. We're all starting a new round on June 1st. We all were a little distracted in May due to conventions and vacations and we all kinda lost count on which day we even were on. So a new start it is. And because beelikej is awesome we already have a new challenge all set and we're ready to start on Wednesday. RIGHT? Right!

Okay, here is a vid of the challenge. According to beelikej there might be a new work-out every Tuesday and if not we just stay with this one here for 30 days. I think if we practice this the challenge shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes. ONLY 10 MINUTES EVERY DAY! Now doesn't that sound awesome?

Just like the one before this work-out includes 4 exercises, 3 sets of each exercise, being done daily.

I know for sure that the following peeps want to join:
beelikej, whiskygalore, xenodike, amypond45, enablelove and sleepypercy

If ANYONE else wants to join comment here!

P.S. One of the exercises is the Squat (I can hear you all groaning), so here is a little reminder on how to do them correctly (remember: as if you were sitting down on a chair and don't push your knees forward over your toes). And don't worry, you don't need go to as far down as this woman. Hell, I don't go as far down. Just try as far as you're comfortable with.

IF THERE ARE ANY OTHER QUESTIONS shoot and we'll see if we can help!

THIS WILL BE SO MUCH FUN :D *coughs* lololol


EDIT: Since there might have been some complaining (and/or wine drinking and pizza eating, right whiskygalore and amypond45?) beelikej was so nice and found us another challenge. She found it on the site Cookies, Cupcakes & Cardio and it's the PIZZA CHALLENGE!

There, now you even get to choose which challenge you wanna do. CHOOSE WISELY lolol
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