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30 Day Challenge - Check-In #1


Yeeeahhhh, apparently we're calling it this *rolls eyes*

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So, how is it going?



DON'T LIE TO ME NOW! lolol Everybody should be at Day 5 of the Challenge! My muscles are sore since Wednesday. The burpees are killing me (that's the first of the four exercises). I'm not watching the vid anymore while doing the exercises since I'm doing it all a little bit slower than she does. I need 5 more minutes because of it but I feel better! TELL ME HOW YOUR MUSCLES ARE DOING! Any problems with Level 1 so far?

On another note. The site posted a new work-out. Level 2. I actually think it's pretty cool. Have a look at it.

Two options now. Either you keep on doing Level 1 or you switch to Level 2 on Wednesday. Whatever you're comfortable with as long as you keep. on. going!

Okay, now tell me how you're doing :)
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