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Somer's Recs - Crack/Humor

Pure and utter crack. Mostly under 5k words, except for the last one :) These will make you laugh. Especially for big_heart_june <3 (You've probably already read them all, but maybe you wanna re-read them).

Title: Three-Toed Kind Of Morning
Author: ephermeralk
Wordcount: 3.500 words
Warnings: sloth!Dean
Summary: Dean can’t decide what the worst part of being a sloth is—his brother’s sudden lack of interest in his body, or the fact that Sam won’t let him drink a goddamn cup of coffee.

Title: Mr. Piggles Makes A Match
Author: destina
Wordcount: 4.200 words
Warnings: none
Summary: In a bizarre kind of way - and really, that's the story of their lives - the whole thing with Jared and Jensen started with laundry.

Title: I'll Kill You, Honeymuffin
Author: silentpoetry1
Wordcount: 1.500 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Sam is cursed into addressing Dean by pet names.

Title: Like A Virgin
Author: leonidaslion
Wordcount: 1.600 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Dean goes and gets himself cursed. Again. Sam, being the wonderful brother he is, fixes it.

Title: Mischievous Little Things
Author: yohkobennington
Wordcount: 2.000 words
Warnings: post-mpreg, kid fic
Summary: Jensen's kids are wonderful. But his kids are kids, and they are bound to get into trouble.

Title: They Say I'm A Dreamer
Author: cleflink
Wordcount: 1.500 words
Warnings: none
Summary: In which Jensen's kind of a shy tool and his coworkers are totally sick of him failing to talk to the hot guy in the elevator.

Title: This Train Won't Stop
Author: bertee
Wordcount: 3.400 words
Warnings: none
Summary: In which Jared is a flamboyant billionaire and Jensen has the patience of a saint.

Title: Disco Sex Mirror
Author: iminurface
Wordcount: 2.800 words
Warnings: Chad
Summary: Really, it's Jensen's own fault that he's too traumatized by the sight of Chad's dick to ever have sex.

Title: (A Shortage of) Sense and Sensibility
Author: souslelys
Wordcount: 3.600 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Jared is wooing Jensen for quite some time now, but he's getting frustrated, because apparently he can't win Jensen over with his work-outs and manly muscles. Richard tells him to try it with tofu. When Jared turns up with tofu at the door of Jensen's trailer, Jensen is nervous and terrified and Jared is confident and certain of victory.

Title: Anti Kink Verse
Author: ash_carpenter
Wordcount: 85.000 words
Warnings: lots of kinks
Author's Note: So I'm gonna do a series of fics concentrating on different kinks and how they might go down in real life - rather than in fic life where everything's perfect... Needless to say, these fics are pretty much crack.
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