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PDFs of jjia912's Stories

I'm not going to upload these stories anywhere because of the underage part in most of them but just comment here or send me a PM with your email and the ones you want to have and I'll send them over asap. (Sorry, but I had to disable anon commenting for the time being, too much spam lately)

I mailed back and forth with jjia912 and she kindly gave me permission to upload her stories in PDF format!

Title: All My Life
Summary: When Doctor Padalecki is called on to operate on a trauma patient, will this finally be the wake up call he needs to open his eyes enough to allow his heart to have what it wants?
Wordcount: ca. 4.800
Warnings: underage, bottom!Jensen

Title: First Blood
Summary: It took Jensen a few moments until he realized where he was, New York... and he was still alone, but a better life is sometimes just around the corner.
Wordcount: ca. 20.700
Warnings: werewolf!Jared, bottom!Jensen, prostitution, underage, bestiality

Title: Hot For Teacher
Summary: Thirteen years old, shy and nerdy, with a secret crush on his tall and handsome gym teacher. Jensen couldn't imagine his life getting any worse, until his parents force him to go on a seven day school trip.But,he soon begins to realize, this trip might be the best thing to ever happen to him.
Wordcount: ca. 106.500
Warnings: underage, bottom!Jensen, bdsm, kinks, homophobia

Title: I Always Break For You
Summary: Jensen has only been his Master's slave for a year, but he is still amazed by how well his Master knows him, inside and out. Jensen loves his Master, who always seems to be able to break him into a million pieces, but never fails to put him back together again.
Wordcount: ca. 3.300
Warnings: bdsm, kinks

Title: I Am A Bad Bad Boy
Summary: Jensen was a little bit slutty and a little bit in love with his stepbrother.
Wordcount: ca. 2.500
Warnings: underage, bottom!Jensen, kinks

Title: If I Lose Myself Tonight
Summary: Jensen makes Jared a special gift for their anniversary and also Jared's birthday.
Wordcount: ca. 2.800
Warnings: bdsm, bottom!Jensen, kinks

Title: Kitty And The Big Wolf
Summary: Jensen is a Jarecat, but his overly small form brings shame to his family and they don't ever let him forget it. Just wanting to get away from it all, he hides in the woods near his home where an interesting smell leads him to an empty house that's warm, comfortable and inviting. But what will happen when the owner of the house arrives?
Wordcount: ca. 8.000
Warnings: cat!Jensen, werewolf!Jared, bottom!Jensen, mpreg, underage

Title: My Sweet Little Son
Summary: For fifteen years he lived he has a stubborn son.
Wordcount: ca. 6.400
Warnings: dad!Jared, underage, bottom!Jensen, kinks

Title: Once Upon A Time
Summary: Jensen is a little fairy...Jared is not.
Wordcount: ca. 3.000
Warnings: fairy!Jensen, bottom!Jensen

Title: So Dark The Betrayal Of Humanity
Summary: One night, the fifteen year old hooker Jensen meets a beautiful stranger, who makes him an offer which could change everything.
Wordcount: ca. 25.500
Warnings: vampire!Jared, evil!Jared, bottom!Jensen, underage, noncon, torture, kinks

Title: The Kitchenboy
Summary: In a moment of weakness chef Jared hired seventeen-year old Jensen as a kitchen boy, but apparently his kitchen boy likes spending time vanishing way too often. After a long day Jared has finally had enough and goes looking for Jensen, but finds something way more than he expected.
Wordcount: ca. 3.2000
Warnings: underage, bottom!Jensen, bestiality

Title: The Office Boy
Summary: Office boy Jensen has a crush on his hot boss, but will his flirting ever pay off?
Wordcount: ca. 5.200
Warnings: tiny!Jensen, bottom!Jensen, kinks

Title: Sammy's Bitch
Summary: Dean is a little bit slutty and Sam decides it is time that he gets what he always wanted.
Wordcount: ca. 2.000
Warnings: bottom!Dean, kinks

Title: Two Sides Of The Same Coin
Summary: Dean tried everything to get Sam's soul back but he failed because Sam doesn't want his soul back.
Wordcount: ca. 1.800
Warnings: soulless!Sam, bottom!Dean, noncon, bdsm, kinks

and as the_dark_lust

Title: The Prison Wifey
Summary: This was definitely not part of Jensen’s plan; he sighed and banged his forehead on the wooden table in front of him. Now he had to serve five years in Alpha hell, the name most people gave to the prison where he'd be spending the next five years of his life.
Wordcount: ca. 3.700
Warnings: evil!Jared, prison, noncon

Title: Pure
Summary: Dean is trapped in Purgatory, where he runs into the last person he ever expected to find.
Wordcount: ca. 2.500
Warnings: bottom!Sam, rough!sex

Title: Toy Number 69
Summary: Maybe it had been his cocky flirting at first, or the night he had
called the man to let him know he would end his life, one or both of those things had brought him here,
and he was now at the mercy of a Sadist or Psychopath...and it was his own fault...somehow.
Wordcount: ca. 3.600
Warnings: bottom!Jared, evil!Jensen, dubcon, d/s, kinks

Title: Appearances Are Deceptive
Summary: Jared knows right away that this would be his
little omega, his perfect bitch and fuck toy. Too bad that appearances are often deceptive, something
Jared learns the hard way.
Wordcount: ca. 3.500
Warnings: bottom!Jared

And thank you to herminekurotowa for providing the following PDFs :)

Title: Make Me Shiver
Summary: Jensen's life changes immediately on his first day of college and he has no idea that his roommate, Jared, is going to determine his whole life. Jensen has to make a decision that will change everything, but when will he realize that this decision was never really his.
Wordcount: ca. 27.800
Warnings: bdsm, kinks, torture

Title: Make Me Yours
Summary: A chance meeting with a new customer could change fifteen year old hooker Jared's life forever.
Wordcount: ca. 14.000
Warnings: bottom!Jared, underage

Title: The Oldest Story In The World
Summary: Jared hated Jensen Ackles and hoped the boy turned into an omega, bringing shame on his family, but when it's Jared who wakes up as an omega, he soon discovers just who his mate is. After being rejected by his mate, Jared has to run for his life, away from his pack, but what kind of future can an omega have without his mate?
Wordcount: ca. 6.500
Warnings: bottom!Jared, omega!Jared

Title: Wrong Suspicion
Summary: Spoiled brat and proud top, Jared, was sure that there was no way his stepfather could
resist his charms, but he is starting to think he may have had the wrong suspicions.
Wordcount: ca. 5.000
Warnings: bottom!Jared, underage, bdms

Title: The One That Got Away
Summary: Jensen is a vampire who's over two hundred years old and has worked hard to give his house the reputation of being haunted so no one will bother him. His plan has worked well until a moppy haired boy decides to explore the house anyway. Jensen has to decide how to take care of this threat to his secret.
Wordcount: ca. 2.000
Warnings: vampire!Jensen

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