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Fills at spn_otpkink

I didn't even leave that many prompts this first round but two of them got filled nonetheless and since both of them got claimed now I can proudly announce that both were filled by the amazing mekina!!!

The first one actually got inspired by a conversation between skeletncloset and saltandburnboys where they talked about whiskey dick and later I mentioned to skeletncloset how hot it would be if their first time happend in a dirty alley behind a bar where whiskey dick may play a role. Boom, the prompt was born.

My prompt: Sam and Dean's first time happens behind a bar in a dirty alley. Dean is too drunk to even get hard and Sam is too drunk to even notice.
The fill: Whiskey Never Leads To Anything Good

The second prompt was a re-post of my own prompt. I prompted it a while back on the kinkmeme and I was quite fond of it so I thought what the hell give it another try. And thank god I did.

My prompt: Sam finds Dean fucked out and covered in come, one hand still cuffed to the headboard and one handcuff dangling from the other hand. And he decides to have a go with that sweet ass, too.
The Fill: Laid Out Like An Invitation

Tags: prompt-fill
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