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JENSEN IN A KIMONO! I kinda, maybe asked Stir to write me Jensen in a kimono dancing for Jared (I might have used the SomerEyes™). AND SHE DID IT! ♥

Title: You Win Some You Lose Some (AO3)
Author: stir_of_echoes
Wordcount: 4.350 words
Summary: Jensen didn’t know which was worse, losing the bet and having to re-enact dancing in the kimono, or admitting that he had it, had kept it all these years. It was a stupid bet. But even more foolish was telling Jared that he still had it. It wasn’t unheard of for actors to take something from the set of a movie once filming was done, but for the life of him, he couldn’t remember why he’d taken the kimono.

Preview: “Oh God!” Jared whispered, as Jensen twirled again, ever closer, the kimono opening almost to the waist, sliding off one shoulder.

Tags: somer's recs
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