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I DON'T DO WIPS, unless I do. These two WIPs are eating me alive right now. And I will sell my filthy heart to the devil himself (the Sam version, please and thank you) to see more of these stories.

First one I recced before. I refused to start this WIP for a long time, but people were persistent, including the author herself, and so I went in one day. And I didn't want to leave again. I might have screamed at her when I reached the last chapter. The plot is thickening. The sex scenes are beyond hot. The author's words are beautifully addictive.

Title: Black Holes And Revelations
Author: theboys
Wordcount: 72.125 (so far)
Warnings: pornstar!Jared, toys, dp, past noncon
Summary: “So like, he has to fuck his way through Hell, right? To claim the Throne?” Danni continues, and that’s enough to make Jensen pause in his diligent effort to right-click and zoom.
Jensen reviews sex-toys for a magazine, and Jared's not marketing to straight girls.

The second one. This got recced to me too, and of course I said no, no WIPs. And of course after weeks I went in anyway. Holy shit. I started it 2 days ago and I think if I wouldn't have needed sleep and go to work I would have read straight through all of the nearly 130.000 words. I was fucking glued to every single word.

Please do me one favor. Listen to the author. Listen to the warnings. This is not an easy read.

Title: 50
Author: hellhoundsprey
Wordcount: 126.330 (so far)
Warnings: sub!Dean, dom!Sam (Sam is NOT a nice dom), abusive relationship, bad BDSM etiquette, manipulation, orgasm denial, cock cage, caning, whipping, bondage, blindfold, gag, sensory deprivation (please check out the story and the author's notes for more)
Summary: Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson fall in love.

Now go and read and leave love!
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